Data Loggers – Important Instruments for Agrifoods and Medtech Sectors


A Data Logger is an electronic device that records data over time. These instruments are widely used in agriculture, industry and clinical laboratories to monitor parameters such as temperature, pressure, and humidity.

North America and Europe are important Data Logger markets because of their advanced clinical and research laboratories, agriculture supply chains, and skilled laboratory personnel. 

With a strong agricultural industry and world-famous technology and med-tech hubs in these locations, Data Loggers are becoming increasingly important to ensure the safety and premium quality of agri-foods and medical goods during transportation, as well as for monitoring laboratory environments.

With Sauermann Data Loggers, customers can trust the Sauermann name to collect and analyze all the metrics of industrial climate control engineering processes, monitor climatic environments, and respond to the traceability requirements of agri-food and pharmaceutical industries during transport. 

In these sectors, stakeholders must often comply with the manufacturing, storage, transport and distribution temperatures determined by regulations or, in the absence of any regulation, with those determined by the packager during production, storage, transport and distribution. The use-by date of a product, determined by the manufacturer, takes these temperatures into account. 

Sauermann`s Data Loggers are compact, battery-powered devices equipped with data storage and one or more sensors. They can record data long term and can be a stand-alone device with internal sensors or be a multi-channel data collection instrument with one or more external sensors. For example, Sauermann`s 320 is a connected device that utilizes Bluetooth technology, so users can interact with their Smartphone/tablet applications.

Sauermann`s Data Loggers are ideal instruments for the agrifoods and medtech sectors! 

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