The First Line of Defence against Leaks!


These days, Premier-league football clubs have top notch stadiums and indoor training facilities.

In addition to good training facilities, these clubs often have medical rooms, change rooms, gyms, swimming pools, trophy rooms, employee offices, etc. and other infrastructure that really improves the overall experience for the players, fans and employees. It is often important to have controlled temperatures in these diverse facilities to keep everyone at a comfortable temperature and for players to perform well.

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) is a very important consideration for sports clubs. Temperature changes from a faulty air conditioner or discomfort caused by leaking water can impact a variety of things, including food preparation and the comfort of the athletes, staff, and spectators. A few degrees is totally noticeable! 

To ensure maximum comfort in such facilities, it is important to have your air conditioner (AC) and condensate removal pump in optimal condition. This is especially true in countries such as Qatar, host of the World Cup 2022, where whole stadiums are air conditioned and may need multiple pumps to keep facilities cool.

A mini condensate removal pump is a specific type of pump used to pump the condensate produced in an HVAC system into a drainage pipe. 

Sauermann mini condensate removal pumps, such as the Si-30, have a superior patented magnet piston technology that uses the magnetic field to create a permanent movement on the full wave of an alternative current.

This provides an increased flow rate while significantly reducing sound levels (only 20 dBA). The pump appeals to installers and distributors because it is easy to install and protects the appearance of the customer’s installation.

Recently, the Si-30 was installed in some rooms of Premier-league football clubs in the UK, just as they have been installed in the UK`s tallest building! They can evacuate up to 19 litres of condensate per hour and are ideal for cloak rooms, offices, trophy rooms etc. within sports stadiums (although for whole stadiums larger tank pumps or multiple mini pumps may be necessary).

Sauermann mini-condensate removal pumps – the first line of defence against leaks!

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