How Our Air Flow Meters Help Data Centre Health Check Assessments


An air flow meter is a device that measures air flow. There are often a number of IAQ requirements for minimum ventilation of occupied spaces, and the need for accurate and reliable air flow measurement is a must-have.

Datwyler is a Swiss company that enables organizations around the world to run their IT infrastructures seamlessly and scale their business with ease. The company has over 100 years of systematically acquired know-how in the development and manufacture of products and solutions: for electrical and communications infrastructures in public and commercial buildings and data centres as well as for FTTx networks. Their main factory and headquarter are both located in Altdorf, Switzerland with subsidiaries in UAE, Europe, China and Singapore.

One of their services is to provide on-site health check assessments of an existing Data Centre IT infrastructures and components. Such preliminary health check is essential to compare the current environment with the industry best practices in maintaining a reliable facility. The assessment comprises of identifying high priority issues, overall system risks and problem areas, and accordingly provides recommendations for Data Centre improvements.

The Data Centre health check provides ways to improve the Data Centre performance and its efficiency, increase its life span and prevent downtimes, identify high priority hotspots, overall system risks and glitches, provide recommendations for improvement, etc. To complete such assessment, Datwyler checks the vibration, thermal scanning, area and volume, temperature and humidity, power consumption, and air flow measurements.

For the air flow measurement, Datwyler uses the Kimo DBM 610.

The Kimo DBM 610 is the next generation flow capture hood. The large digital display reads out air volume, differential pressure and temperature simultaneously. It features data logging, air flow and temperature readout, and a removable flow meter display that becomes a portable test instrument. The digital display is removable, allowing it to act as a portable air flow measurement instrument with a pitot tube.  It can also be used as a micro-anemometer, measuring low level differential pressure.

The DBM 610 is an ideal solution for HVAC airflow commissioning and air balancing.

Instruments: Kimo; DBM 610

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