Keeping the Underground Safe at the Paris School of Mines!


The Paris School of Mines or École nationale supérieure des mines de Paris is one of France`s Grandes Écoles or elite schools, especially for engineering.

Created in 1783 by King Louis XVI, one of its campuses is located in Fontainebleau in the  Seine-et-Marne department.

At this campus, there is a library that has two levels or nearly nine linear kilometers of underground storage and bookshelves.

In a previous blog, INsights discussed the importance of indoor air quality in museums and libraries. It revealed that variances in temperature, relative humidity, light and pollution can wreak havoc on valuable collections. For example, high humidity can cause mold and other biological threats. Low RH causes materials to dry out and contract.

To ensure IAQ at this library storage at the Paris School of Mines, the Sauermann Group recently installed three C 310 sensors to measure temperature and humidity. Kimo’s C 310 is a multifunction sensor with interchangeable probes. It can display and measure four parameters simultaneously.

At the Paris School of Mines, the C 310 sensors are integrated into a computer network via the RJ45 connection located at the bottom of the device. Kimo AKIVISION software allows for live tracking and recording.

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