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Our Partners: A Chat about the Australian HVACR Market


Note: The blog below includes information from the Sauermann Group`s Kimo brand. A recognised leader of portable and fixed measurement equipment for over 30 years, Kimo provides a wide range of measuring solutions for pressure, temperature, humidity, air velocity, airflow, gas analysis, air quality, sound level, and other parameters. In 2015, Kimo joined the Sauermann Group. The Group now operates two main brands: Sauermann, a global leader in condensate removal pumps, accessories and solution kits, and Kimo for instruments aimed at measuring and monitoring air parameters

INsights recently chatted with our Australian partner, Hamish McLean, Company Chairman, HVACR Supplies Pty Limited, about the Australian HVACR market.

Australia, according to Hamish, is very much a refrigeration and air conditioning market given its geographical location.

It is a market of just over 24 million people, and there are quite a lot of regional differences in climate and demand for cooling products. For example, the climate in temperate Tasmania is similar to large parts of France whereas places such as Cairns in Northern Queensland or Darwin in the Northern Territory are very hot and humid for most of the year.

For a relatively small market, Hamish mentioned Australians are used to variety when it comes to selecting manufactured products, including HVACR products.

Hamish has been associated with the Sauermann Group since 1996, and has sold a number of condensate removal solutions, primarily the piston and centrifugal pump models, since that time.

He started selling Kimo measuring instruments in the late 2000s and the measuring instrument market has really matured in Australia during the last three to four years. Popular products include the vane anemometer, infrared thermometer, flowhoods (balometer) and electronic leak detectors (including trace gas).

He listens closely to feedback from his customers in Australia, and they demand superior products that stand the test of time. The measuring instrument market has really matured in Australia during the last three to four years. As the general population and businesses in Australia become increasingly cost-conscious about rising utility costs and the government continues to adopt green-friendly traceability frameworks, Hamish sees lots of growth potential for measuring instruments in a number of sectors, including pharmaceuticals, post-secondary education, agri-foods, etc.

Likewise, as Australians continue to demand acoustically quiet products and high performance air conditioning systems, Sauermann`s condensate removal pumps and Kimo’s measuring instruments, will continue to rise in popularity.

The Sauermann Group looks forward to continuing to offer the best indoor air quality solutions to our friends in Australia.

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