Our Partners: A Chat about the Benelux IAQ Market


Note: The blog below includes information from the Sauermann Group`s Kimo brand. A recognised leader of portable and fixed measurement equipment for over 30 years, Kimo provides a wide range of measuring solutions for pressure, temperature, humidity, air velocity, airflow, gas analysis, air quality, sound level, and other parameters. In 2015, Kimo joined the Sauermann Group. The Group operates two main brands: Sauermann for condensate removal pumps (including accessories and solution kits) and instruments for improving indoor air quality, and Kimo for instruments aimed at measuring and monitoring air parameters.

INsights recently talked with Teun Mulder, Sales Team Manager, Hitma Instrumentatie B.V., about the IAQ market in Benelux, including Belgium and the Netherlands.  

Hitma is part of Indutrade —a Swedish company that owns over 200 companies and is listed on the Stockholm stock exchange. Indutrade Benelux includes over 25 companies in Europe, including Hitma Instrumentatie B.V.  and MW Instruments B.V.  

Hitma concentrates on the HVAC and industrial applications market by selling high-end transmitters, sensors, monitoring systems, handheld devices, etc., that appeal to the medtech, building/automation, commercial, utilities, agrifoods, and other important sectors.  MW Instruments, on the other hand, concentrates more on direct sales to contractors and resellers. It specialises in selling flue gas, climate, electrical and refrigerant handheld devices, data loggers, and gas detection instruments.  

There is a longstanding relationship with Kimo that spans more than a quarter of a century! Hitma has officially sold Kimo products since 2001. In 2011, it bought MW Instruments, which allowed them to become an official Kimo service point. Now customers can save both time and money by getting much quicker servicing for their Kimo instruments.  Both companies sell and service a variety of Kimo measuring instruments with the top sellers being the Kimo C310, CPE-310 and KIGAZ!

Countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium are very strong in the innovative food, healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, and Teun foresees continued robust growth in these sectors.  

 For example, in some EU countries, there are strict requirements for annual inspections for boilers to measure carbon dioxide, O2, carbon monoxide, etc. In the Netherlands, the regulatory environment is less strict than in Belgium, but this will likely change in the near future. When it does, there will be stronger demand from installers for Kimo instruments such as gas flue analysers. 

Teun sees customers and installers demanding smaller and more interconnected devices. A lot of younger tradespeople are entering the workforce and feel comfortable with digital devices and the rising popularity of Internet of Things, especially with technologies such as LoRa.  He believes all-in-one, connected handheld IAQ products will become more and more popular but making the right selection for the right application will still depend on the knowledge of the local specialists.

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