The Perfect Solution for Pharmaceutical Sector Safety


Within the pharmaceutical sector, it is very important to maintain high quality levels for stored products.

It is therefore essential to monitor the processing, packaging and storage areas based on strict regulations and standards. 

Various places throughout  pharmaceutical facilities will require constant pressure and temperature monitoring. Peoples` health often depends on these drugs being properly stored.

This monitoring means tracking the pressure and/or temperature changes, which can significantly impact the products' quality and effectiveness. 

The Sauermann Group`s Kimo Instruments in Italy recently provided Ibsa Farmaceutici in Lodi with 70 CP210 BNR and CP211 BNR  for use in their facilities, including Laminar Air Flow (LAF) environments.

These instruments measure air velocity, airflow and pressure and are ideal for use in industrial and pharmaceutical applications.

In this case, our sensors are ensuring that syringes and phials in asepsis are being stored properly!

The Sauermann Group is a name that is trusted in medtech and the pharmaceutical industry!

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