Protecting your Boiler with our Newly Designed pH Safe 2


A byproduct of boilers is acidic condensate. It is hot, has a pH of 3, and when it cools, if often transforms into carbon dioxide (CO2) and becomes carbonic acid.

This wreaks havoc on metal parts, concrete, plastic, and even the foundation/siding of your house!

Sauermann has just released a newly designed pH Safe 2 that is a must-have for any boiler system.

Safe and green-friendly, the pH Safe 2 can neutralize up to six liters of pH-3-level acid condensates per hour. Best of all, it is super versatile. It can be used with boilers up to 80 kW but is especially suited for smaller sized boilers, which make up the majority of boilers on the market.

The result is an overall boiler system that keeps you warm while preserving your pipelines, concrete, and other important infrastructure. 

It can be installed horizontally (recommended) or vertically, is simple to install, and because of its clear structure, granules can be easily replaced when they run out.

It also has specially designed inlets and outlets at the end of the pH cartridge that ensure the condensate passes through the granules evenly and optimally, which reduces cloggage and the need for maintenance. It also results in the granules lasting a long time.

Protect your boiler system and pipes with our latest neutralizing technology! 

Note:  To ensure adherence to local laws on condensate (which differ in varying jurisdictions), it is recommended owners check granulate levels at least once a year and replace as needed with SPPH0202 (USA).

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