Pump Up Performance This Winter! Protect Your Boiler or Furnace with a Neutralization Cartridge


If you or your customers are using a boiler or furnace at home or place of work, it is important to treat the system`s condensate with a neutralizer to ensure its longevity and peak efficiency.

Condensate water from boilers is often acidic and can have a pH that is close to three. It is hot and when it comes into contact with steel pipes etc. it starts to cool. When the water cools, carbon dioxide (CO2) dissolves within it. At the right pH, it forms carbonic acid that can corrode metal parts and even concrete and plastic.

It is therefore very important to keep the pH within acceptable ranges in any boiler or furnace operation.

The Sauermann Group`s innovative pH Safe 1 neutralization cartridge for condensing boilers and furnaces has patented technology (U.S. Patent Number US9314758) and is safe, easy, and eco-friendly. It is capable of neutralizing up to 200 gal (800 L) of pH3 acidic condensates per year.

Simple to install and replace, it will help preserve your plumbing system and environment, as well as preventing corrosion of metals and damage on concrete and plastics.

The cartridge features a compact design that is suitable for both floor and wall mounted boilers and fits right into the inlet in your tank pump.

Treatment of the concentrated acid is immediate. The transparent cartridge and identification label indicates when the cartridge should be changed.

With winter fast approaching and with boilers often being used frequently during these cooler months, protect your boiler or furnace systems by using the best neutralizer possible!

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