Safety First: Our Locking Power Cord


Accidental disconnection of condensate removal pumps within air conditioning or boiler units can be problematic.

Such disconnections can stop the pump from removing condensate that is a byproduct of internal air-conditioning or heating processes.

Depending on the size of the air-conditioning or heating unit, a lot of condensate can be discharged per hour and any disconnection shutting down the pump could potentially lead to flooding and property damage.

Is there a way to stop such accidental disconnections, as well at waterproof your connection? 

The answer is to buy a pump that has a locking power cord!

Sauermann mini-condensate removal pumps such as the Si-30, Si-10 Univers'L (alone or part of Delta Pack), Si-33, and various other pumps contain a locking power cable.

As the video demonstrates, the locking power cord is easily connected to the pump and then secured.

Having this feature in your condensate removal pump ensures a safe and easy installation. It ensures safety is always a first priority!

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