Sauermann Adds New Velcro® Temperature Probe and Extension Cable Accessories to its Manifold Line


The Sauermann Group has released a new Si-RM5 Velcro® Temperature Probe and Si-RM6 Extension Cable for its popular manifold line.

These accessories are ideal for manifold products such as the Si-RM3 Smart Wireless Manifold Probe and Si-RM13 Combined Manifold.

The Si-RM5 is a temperature probe for large diameter pipes. The Velcro® fastener enables the probe to be attached to any pipe quickly and easily. It contains a high-accuracy NTC thermistor and can be used with the Si-RM1 probe to quickly calculate superheat and subcooling temperatures. The Si-RM6 is a 5-meter extension cable for Si-RM2 and Si-RM5 probes.

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