Test your IAQ: Take our Quiz!


People are often worried about the air and water quality in outside environments without giving indoor air quality a second thought.

Test your knowledge of IAQ by taking our quiz below and remember that the Sauermann Group provides optimal IAQ solutions including condensate removal pumps (including accessories and solution kits) and instruments aimed at measuring and monitoring air parameters. 

Do your loved ones breathe the best air possible? They should!


1. What percentage of time do people, on average, spend indoors?

a. 90 percent b. 80 percent c. 70 percent d. 10 percent

2.  How much air does the average human inhale each day?

a.  one pint b. 100 liters c. 1 million liters d. 11,000 liters

3.  Indoor environments are polluted how many more times than outdoor environments?

a. 1X  b. 10X c. 1000X d. 10,000X

4.  What percentage of households have an IAQ problem? 

a. 20 percent b. 40 percent c. 60 percent d. Over 95 percent

5.  Good IAQ reduces sick leave by what percentage?

a. 9 percent B. 24 percent c. 39 percent d. ask the doctor 


Answers:  1. a  2. d  3. b 4. d 5. c

Grading: 1-2 correct: Re-read our blog! 3-4 right: You are an IAQ specialist 5: You are an IAQ god!

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