Ultraflat pump with a solution against biofilm

Specially designed to handle the condensates from supermarket refrigerated display cabinets, the Si-93 pump  also offers a proven solution against the formation of biofilm with its Gel-Clear tablet. The compact, ergonomic design of the pump facilitates installation under low-slung display cabinets. 

Gel-clear tablet: the proven anti-biofilm solution
Easy installation – easy maintenance
Reduced operation costs
Stainless steel unit

Technical details

Max flow rate1 gph
Max discharge head1 ft
Mains supply230 V~50/60 Hz - 60 W – 0.30 A
Operation conditions30%: 3s ON – 7s OFF
Master pack quantity1
Safety switch 
NC 8 A resistive - 250 V
Integrated detection floats

Pump sound levels

at 3,3ft or 1m in application (dBA)<= 60
Kit contents 
Stainless steel unit including membrane pump, Integral detector
1.5 m plug in power cable: 2 power wires, 2 safety contact wires.
Rubber top inlet adaptor int. diam 32, 40, and 50 mm.
Through the wall – Female diam. 40 mm side inlet.
Outlet discharge adaptor diam. 1/2” to 10 mm
2 Gel-clear tablets
Safety standards 
RoHS and WEEE directives 
Technical data sheet