Large tank pump – Hot water

The SI 1850 pump is designed to evacuate heavy and contaminated condensates. Capable of evacuating up to 1100 l/h, the SI 1850 pump is suitable for air conditioning units and industrial refrigeration displays. Strong, the SI 1850 tolerates charged, high temperature and acidic condensates (pH>3.4) produced by gas condensing boilers

Large Integrated tank of 3.8 Ltr
Can discharge condensates up to 10m
Suitable for mildly acidic and hot condensate
Thermal protection at 135°C. (auto-reset)

Technical details

Max flow rate1 gph
Max discharge head1 ft
Mains supply230V~ 50Hz - 220 W
Operation conditions100%
Max condensate acidity3 13/32
Master pack quantity1
Safety switch 
NC 4 A resistive - 250 V
Thermal protection 

Pump sound levels

at 3,3ft or 1m in application (dBA)<= 66
Kit contents 
Pumpe mit Auffangbehälter 3,8 l
integriertes Rückschlagventil in druckseitigem Stutzen für Schlauchinnendurchmesser 10 mm
Safety standards 
Technical data sheet