Part number 

This double wire clamps are used to ensure safe connection between connectors and clear PVC tube Ø 10 mm  (3/8'').

Part number 

Non-Return Check valve for use with Sauermann centrifugal pumps. For Ø 10 mm (3/8") tubes.

Previously Ref ACC00801

Part number 

Clear PVC tubing Ø 10 mm  (3/8'') for connecting the pump to the discharge outlet. 25 m (82') roll.

Previously Ref ACC00125

Part number 

To connect together two Ø 10 mm  (3/8'') clear PVC tubes.

Part number 

Used to connect  Ø 10 mm (3/8'') to the exhaust pipe. The self sealing fitting makes the connection reliable and resistant to acidic condensates.

Previously Ref ACC00215

Part number 

To connect two Ø 10 mm  (3/8'') clear PVC tubes.

Previously Ref ACC00213

Part number 

This drain safe device ensures there is no siphoning effect and that the pump will not run dry and stop working. Suitable for 10 mm (3/8'').