The Si-1801 17' Low Head pump is capable of evacuating 132 gph, and is suitable for condensing boilers & furnaces, industrial refrigeration cases, and air conditioning units. 

Built to Resist: Can endure acidic condensate pH > 2.5
Easily removable tank for simple maintenance
Oil & acid resistant flow
High performance: Discharges condensate up to 17'
Low sound level: ≤ 45 dBA

Detalles técnicos

Caudal máx.132 gph
Alimentación eléctrica120V ~ 60Hz - 85 W - 1.45A
Ciclo de funcionamiento30%: 3s ON - 7s OFF
Max condensate temperature150 °F
Max condensate aciditypH > 2.5 (Gas Condensing Boilers)
Protección IP20
Peso4.40 lb
Cantidad por sobreembalaje6
Contacto de seguridad 
NC 4 A resistive - 42V peak
Protección térmica (sobrecalentamiento) 
230 deg. F (auto-reset)


Pump11''5 3/16''6 23/32''
Packaging11 5/8''5 5/16''6 23/32''

Niveles de detección

ON2 3/32''
OFF1 21/32''
SAFETY2 1/2''

Nivel acústico

at 3,3ft or 1m according to EN ISO3744 (dBA)<= 45
Contenido del kit 
One-piece centrifugal pump with 1/2 gal. tank
Integrated barb end check valve 3/8” o.d. (10 mm)
6' power cord
Safety switch wires (1' bare ends)
Adaptor: 5/8" i.d., 3/4" i.d, 1" i.d., 1 1/4" i.d.
Contacto de seguridad  
UL/CSA by Intertek
Directivas RoHS y DEEE 
Ficha Técnica  
Manual de instalación (PDF)